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A Divine Story

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A Divine Story

As we know everything came from ‘one’ and one day will reunite to ‘one’. It is the ‘one’ which manifested in various forms to form the universe.So we actually observe different forms of that ‘one’.For simplicity humanity named that ‘one’ as God or lord. Due to unaware of their true self humans assume God as a separate entity and originated.
concept of he(i.e god) and we( i.e us the humans) ,similarly his and ours. This ideology always diverted humanity from understanding the divinity of God and the ultimate ‘oneness’. Complete surrender of self to God is basically needed to come out of this illusion of me and he or his and mine. Ego is the biggest obstacle to be mastered firstly because ego gives birth to the above stated illusion. This ego never lets one to come out of illusion and achieve enlightenment. When one’s ego slowly reaches its ultimate stage, they start believing themselves the supreme beings which ultimately leads to their destruction. There are various legends where god manifested as human being, has shown the humanity which became distracted from the path of truth , his divinity and opened their eyes to seek the truth through his aesthetic acts .

One such legend comes from the hindu religion where god showed the distracted humanity the path to seek the truth and opened their eyes to understand the ultimate ‘oneness’ or his omnipresence. According to Hinduism, the the source or the ‘one’ manifested itself as three primary Gods i.e Lord Bhramha (creator),Lord
Vishnu(preserver), Lord Rudra or Shiva( the destroyer). Lord Bhramha created the universe , he has many sons , one of them was Daksha. Lord vishnu and Lord Bhramha used to live with their consorts i.e goddess Laxmi and goddess Saraswati respectively but lord Rudra was an ascetic and took the path of yoga and meditation .Lord Rudra  or Shiv without goddess Shiva was incomplete which could bring instability in universe. So he asked Daksha to worship goddess Shiva and request her to incarnate herself as his daughter. Daksha followed the order, got goddess Shiva as his daughter and named her Sati. Godess Sati worshiped ardently to appease lord shiva
and got married to Lord Shiva eventually . Thus time kept on passing and Daksha was made the ruler of the universe.He was respected by all saints, deities, ascetics,yogis etc.This developed excessive pride or ego in him which does not certainly suits to someone who has such a great responsibility since it could result to great anarchy. One day Daksh organised a meeting for organizing a grand yagya( practice of worshiping accompanied by pouring oblations to divine fire or Agni). All deities, rishis, lord Vishnu ,Lord Bramha, Lord Shiva, saints,ascetics,yogis were invited. When Dakshya came into the meeting hall all stood up to pay respect to him but Lord Shiva remain seated. This did hurt Daksha’s ego and made him mad with anger. He took it as his disrespect for which he hurled
abuses at lord Shiva and finally cursed him and his followers to  cast out of yagya. This made Nandi( bull which serves as mount of lord Shiva) very angry and in turn he cursed Dakshya and all  the beings present there as they were laughing when Daksha was cursing Lord Shiva. Consequently a huge quarrel broke out between Nandi and Daksha. Lord Shiva finally broke the ice and told Nandi to keep silent and there’s no need of fighting as nobody can actually curse him. He said that actually everything in the universe are different forms of him only or he is actually the universe and all living beings are different forms or reflections of him. All the saints, deities, ascetics,yogis and everything present there is he himself including Daksha, the yagya, the benefits obtained from yagya, the divine yagya fire, lord Vishnu, lord Bhramha , his followers etc along with him(nandi ).So he told everybody that he is the one actually performing the yagya, he is the one actually getting worshiped by this yagya, he is the one present here in different forms as saints ascetics rishis, he is the  one arguing with daksha as being you (nandi) and he is the one who got cast out  of yagya. So what is this i, me and you. So keep silence and come out of this illusion of i,me and you so you can see me everywhere or only me. This made nandi bereft of anger and he realized the truth.
The story further goes on but this little part itself has very deep meaning to understand. It alone explains the omnipresence, omnipotence,omniscience of god. This story explains how ego or excessive pride can divert humans from the truth. He showed his endless love and wisdom to humanity as he did not say even a word to Daksha and all saints laughing at him when he was being insulted badly instead he remained calm. He believed only in truth which is far from illusions .He showed the characteristic of a true ascetic or yogi i.e not distracted by illusion , anger, disrespect. He showed that truth is the ultimate destroyer of illusion. He always remain in meditation so meditation is the path to achieve the truth. He showed the ‘oneness’ and actually there is no he,she, me,i. He showed that fighting brings no truth i.e fighting takes a being far away from achieving self realization. He showed that unconsciously every being is part of super consciousness  . Through meditation one can realize itself and gradually become conscious of its Shiv form of super consciousness.Thus this little part of story itself has endless lessons to learn.Lord Shiva personifies a divine state and every being has the potential to reach the state of lord Shiv, they just need to gradually realize it through meditation. It doesn’t matter whether one belongs to which religion, or follows,believe in which form of ‘the one’or god. The only thing that really do concern is the knowledge of self.

Hello I am Akshay ,founder of Oceans and Drops. My age is 24 and I am a computer science engineer.This website is my initiative to share my knowledge on Yoga Spirituality and health.

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