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Opening the Chakras- Technique to Higher Meditation

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Higher Meditation-Kundalini Awakening

Enlightened sages describe spirituality as an inverted tree with lots of branches leading to one root. These branches signifies various spiritual paths all leading to one goal i.e enlightenment.There are various spiritual paths which leads to enlightenment. Kundalini yoga is one of them.Kundalini yoga is a tough spiritual path under the absence of a skilled teacher because kundalini yoga deals with the awakening of mother energy which rests in the spiritual base of spine. If this massive energy is awakened without proper knowledge and failed to handled or controlled properly can lead to destruction either way if awakened through proper way it unites one’s consciousness with universal consciousness leading to salvation. Nowadays the teachers of kundalini yoga who really possess the knowledge are very rare to find. I am sharing the technique to properly awake the kundalini and open up the chakras.

Techniques For Kundalini Awakening:

The various important techniques used for kundalini awakening and opening the chakras are as following.

Pranayama is the process of gaining control over the breath. Pranayama burns the extra carbon inside the body,supplies more oxygen and balances the energies inside the body.Pranayama also helps in the activation of kundalini energy through a controlled way so that your body keeps on adapting to handle the increasing intensity of awakening energy . Pranayama also helps in removing various health related problem, relaxes mood. It is the relaxing action of pranayama that many practice it before meditation to easily stablize their mind. I have provided a video below describing about all major pranayams.Although each pranayama has its own benefits but no one has time to practice all of them regularly in today’s busy life.So it is recommended to practice these 4 pranayamas which further on can also be combined with other described techniques to obtain results fast:

1. Anulom vilom
2. Kapalbhati

Mudras are special gestures that divert energies to particular positions in the body. Our each finger represents one of the 5 life element and possess their vibrations which continuously flows out to the universe for e.g the thumb symbolizes the fire, the forefinger symbolizes the wind, the middle finger symbolizes the ether, the ring finger symbolizes the earth the little or small finger symbolizes the water. When certain fingers are joined with other fingers like an electrical circuit , the vibrations instead of going out to the universe reverse back to the body thus helping in balancing our energies and activating kundalini energy. Mudras are also used in various therapy to cure diseases. Here I will discuss those mudras which helps in kundalini awakening and energy balancing.

Gyan mudra:

Join the tip of your index finger with the tip of your thumb keeping others fingers straight parallel to ground. Do it with your both hands .It forms sort of ‘Ok’ sign. This mudra helps in eliminating lustful thoughts ,improves concentration and helps in activating the Ajna or the third eye chakra. Practice it while doing meditation or 45 minutes a day.

Pran mudra:

It is done by joining your little finger tip, ring finger tip with the tip of thumb keeping other two fingers parallel to the ground. This mudra improves eyesight , helps to reach higher state in meditation, increases life force energy.It can be practised for any length of time.

Apan mudra:

It is done by joining tip of middle finger and ring finger with tip of thumb keeping rest of the two fingers parallel against the ground.It helps in purification of the body. Purification of body is very useful for proper flow of energy.It helps in curing diabetes,kidney disorder,urination problem and easy cleaning of stomach in the morning etc. Pregnant ladies are not allowed to practice this mudra.

Surabhi mudra or Kamdhenu mudra:

It is done by touching the tip of the ring finger of each hand to touch the tip of the little finger of the other hand now touch the tip of the index finger to the tip of the middle finger of the other hand.Your thumbs should be touching each other.This mudra can be done for 45 min a day. It is a very powerful mudra that can help you to achieve deep meditation and samadhi. This mudra utilizes the power of all elements to activate the naval chakra.

Rudra mudra:

It is done by pressing the tips of index finger, thumb, and ring finger together. The other two finger should extend straight out.It helps in activation of solar plexus chakra .It also regulates breathing and blood pressure, improves concentration and eyesight.

Some Advance Mudras:

Khechari mudra:

Khechari mudra is called the king of all mudras .It takes months or maybe years to achieve this mudra. It is done by placing the tongue inside the nassal phraynx behind the uvula.This completes the circuit of flow of kundalini energy. It helps to attain samadhi very fast. Some people cut their frenulum(the skin inside the tongue) to achieve this mudra which cancels the whole effect. People usually tries to lengthen their tongue to achieve this mudra by stretching it through their hands which is a big misconception about this mudra. To really achieve this mudra you need to increase the stretching capability of you frenulum which is done by talabya kriya.Talabya kriya also helps in stabilizing the mind which again helps in meditation. Once you become capable of doing Khechari mudra it can be combined with meditation to achieve faster results.

Maha Vedhad :

Sit in a mat or bed and apply Mahabandha.Place your palms on ground. Rest your body on your palms.Draw the breath slowly and retain it.While the breath is retained ,raise your hips slowly and then strike them gently on the ground.This kriya helps to gain control over the mind. It aslo activates the muladhara chakra(Root chakra) and awakens the kundalini energy.

Yoga mudra:

Sit in padmasana and place your palms on your heels or keep them back holding left wrist with right hand.Now take a deep breath slowly and retain it. While the breath is retained gently bend forward till your forehead touches the ground.If you can retain for longer in this position you can breathe as usual otherwise inhale while coming back to the former position. This mudra removes all problems related to stomach and activates the naval chakra.

Viparitakarani Mudra:

Lie down on a mat or bed. Raise your both legs straight up facing the sky. Support your hips by your hands keeping the elbow in the ground. This is known as viparitakarni mudra.In beginning this mudra can be performed for 1-2 minutes which can be gradually increased everyday. This mudra removes all stomach related ailments,greying of hairs and face wrinkles if done regularly for 5 months. It helps in activating the naval chakra.

Yoni mudra:

Sit in a mat in padmasana. Now close your eyes with the index fingers,ears with the thumbs,nostrils with the middle finger,the upper lips and the lower lips witth ring and index fingers respectively.This is an excellent mudra for mantra japa and to gain control over the mind. This mudra unifies pran with apan which awakens the kundalini energy.

Ashwini mudra:
Sit over a mat in padmasana. Rest your hands over your knees.Now contract the anal muscles and after holding it for few seconds expand it outwards.The word “Ashwini” came from sanskrit word “ashwa” meaning horse.It is observed that horses are adept in doing this.Practicing this mudra eliminates all stomach related problems,piles etc. This mudra purifies the muladhara or the root chakra and awakens the kundalini energy comparatively fast.

Vajroli mudra:

This a very advanced mudra . There are very less people in this world who can actually do this mudra . It is recommended that you practice this mudra under the observation of a skilled yoga teacher.For this mudra you need a catheter tube which can be bought from any chemist shop. Apply almond oil or sesame oil to about 4-5 finger length from one end of the tube. Next you need to insert the tube slowly inside your urethra to about 12 inches. In the beginning insert only some inch and if you feel pain take it out.Gradually increase the insertion by 1-2 inches each day. When you are able to insert the full tube with full comfort retain it there and you can proceed further. The next step is through nauli kriya contract your anal muscles and draw the outer air inside through that tube.This is known as “Futkar”. After some time you become comfortable with futkar, dip your catheter tube in a glass full of water anf draw the water inside through futkar. This water water brings out urine with it. After sometime when you become comfortable with water ,you can practice it with milk also.This is called vajroli mudra. Practicing vajroli mudra preserves one’s semen from wastage which is very useful in maintaining celibacy. It eliminates all semen and urine related problems.

Shakti-Chalini mudra:

Sit in padmasana over a mat and rest your hands on knees. Inhale air forcefully in,retain it and unite it with the apan vayu. Muladhara bandha is applied til the air is retained inside. This causes life force or pran to enter in the sushumna nadi which ultimately awakens the kundalini energy.


Bandhas are special body postures by which kundalini energy can be successfully awakened.There are basically three types of bandas that helps to hasten the kundalini awakening. Bandhas comes under higher yogic practices so after practicing months of pranayama then start practicing bandhas.

Muladhar bandha:

The yoni is pressed with the left heel keeping the right heel pressed just above the urinary organ. Contract the anus and raise the Apana Vayu upwards. This is called Mula Bandha. Apan vayu is responsible for pushing excreta out and hence its movement is usually downwards. Through this mudra it is moved upwards to unite with the pran vayu which causes the awakening of kundalini comparatively fast. Muladhara bandha can be combined with various pranayama.

Jalandhara bandha:

The chin is pressed firmly against the chest. It is mostly done during pranayama. It helps in fast activation of throat chakra and cures throat related problems.

Uddiyana bandha:

Empty the lungs by a forceful exhalation, contract and draw up the intestines above and below the navel towards the back.The abdomen rests against the back of the body high up in the thoracic cavity. It can be combined with pranayama.It awakens the kundalini energy very fast.It helps in activating the naval chakra comparetively fast, removes gastric problems, acidity, fat etc.


Performing all the three bandhas simultaneously forms the mahabandha.It combines benefits of all the three bandha and helps in fast awakening of kundalini energy.

Some important internal cleaning exercises:

There are some very important exercise that cleans your body internally which makes the flow of kundalini energy very smooth .


Take a 3 inch wide 15 feet long piece of muslin cloth. Wash it properly before use. Dip it in lukewarm water. Squeeze out the water and swallow it little by little from one end. On the first day swallow only 1 foot. Keep it there for a few seconds and then take it out very slowly. On the next day swallow a little more and keep it for a few minutes and then take it out slowly. Gradually you can swallow the whole of it, keep it for about 5 minutes and then take it out slowly. This exercise should be done empty stomach .Practice it once a week.


Take a thread about 10-12 inches. The thread should not be having knots in between.It should be strong. Bring it near left nostril and inhale forcefully so that it gets inside then slowly take it out.Repeat it with right nostril. This cleanes your nostril for proper respiration and pranayama.

Jal Neti:

In jal neti you have to pass water from one nostril via a special jug that comes in the market in the name of neti jug. Tilt your head slightly and place the mouth of the jar little inside the nose opening. Incline the jug so that water enters in the left nostril and make it come out of right nostril.


Tratak is steady gazing at a particular point or object without closing your eyes. It helps in clearing mind by controlling thoughts generation. It helps in sharpening the eyesight, memory,concentration.It helps in activating the ajna chakra.

Meditation On Various Chakras And Energy Grounding Techniques

Although i have described various techniques to activate kundalini energy and open the chakras but theres is yet another efficient way of opening up your chakras. As you see above in the table I have provided description about all 7 major chakras. This information is used to meditate upon these chakras which gradually activates them.

Meditation Technique:

Sit in any pose or asana on a mat or bed. Close your eyes and stabilize your mind slowly by not focusing on any thought that comes in your mind. It is recommended to do pranayama before this technique , it will help you to control your mind with less effort. After your mind reaches the required state you can proceed further.The next thing is to concentrate upon the color,element and location of the chakras starting from the root chakra. The beej mantra is a special spell associated with that chakra that has the same frequency of vibration as that of its respective chakra ,so keep reciting the mantra or spell in your mind alongside. As a beginner give only 5 minutes to each chakra which you can increase gradually everyday. You can also practice this technique while doing pranayama.

Energy Grounding Techniques: It might happen sometimes at later stages that while practicing meditation, mudras or bandhas a sudden awakening of kundalini energy can happen for sometime. After years of practicing we becomes capable of handling the energy but in the beginning stages even a little awakening of this energy can cause us trouble as we might not be able to control or handle it.This uncontrolled energy can disturb your mind,increase your body temperature, emotional imbalances,vibration in whole body,psychological imbalances ,pain at various chakra locations etc.So if it ever happens with you ,there are various grounding energy techniques through which you can ground this energy from your body and come back to normal state.They are:

1. Concentrate in your root chakra and imagine the energy going back to the root chakra.The kundalini energy basically rests at mooladhara or root chakra so by proper determination the awakened energy can be sent back there from whole body. This is reverse of kundalini awakening .

2.Straight up your hands with palm facing the sky. Now imagine the energy from your body is leaving your body through your hands to the universe .

3. Place your palms gently against the ground and feel the energy flowing from your body to the earth.This is one of the best energy grounding technique.

4. Walking barefoot on ground or grass also grounds the energy into the earth.

5. Hug a tree and feel the energy leaving your body and going to the tree.This is also one of the good techniques.

Symtoms Of Kundalini Awakening

Although the experiences and symptoms of kundalini awakening varies with each individual. There are yet some symptoms found common during Kundalini awakening stages.

1. Feeling vibrations in whole body every time or maybe most of the time .

2. Seeing light when doing meditation,bandhas,mudras,pranayama.

3.Hearing sounds like tingling ,ringing of bell, om sound,buzzing,thunder,musical instruments.

4.Sensing vibration at various location of chakras.

5.Feeling a hot or cold vibration moving upwards slowly from root chakra back in the spine .

6. Feeling happy and satisfied all the time without any reason.

7. Feeling strong positive energy around you when visiting a holy place.

8. Involuntary shaking of body most time of the day.

9. Seeing divine visions while doing meditation,mudras or bandhas.

10.Having psychic experiences.

Piece Of Advice

There are certain rules that should be followed while doing meditation, bandhas,mudras to hasten your spiritual development. Although many may not be mandatory but still they help a lot.

1.Practice in a clean place away from any pollution if possible a holistic place is best to practice .

2. Before meditation you can light an incense stick as it makes a good and positive environment for doing meditation.

3.Although you should practice pranayama before doing meditation because of its mind stablizing effect , It is strongly recommended to practice pranayama in the morning also as morning air is comparetively more pure and pollution free.

4. During meditation,mudras,bandhas the energy flows in our body which leads to spiritual advancements and kundalini awakening. So to prevent it from grounding never practice having direct contact with the ground use a mat instead.

5. Spiritual advancement and kundalini awkening is a gradual process. Don’t hurry up with the practices discussed as it might lead to sudden kundalini awakening which might not be controlled and can lead to destruction.

6.While doing pranayama never use force to inhale and exhale as it cancels the whole effect so keep your breathing speed normal. Although there are exceptions.

7.Pranayama and bandhas should not be practiced by pregnant womens , while feeling hungry
, ill or after having food.

8. Dont exert pressure on any body part while doing your practice.

9. Maintain complete celibacy if you really want to get success in you practices.

10. At various stages of your practice you may experience various things like divine light,vibration in body etc .It is seen that people mostly start concentrating more on searching explanations to these experiences rather focussing in their regular practice, This should not happen. Experiences come and go let them be,the ultimate aim is self-realization.

Hello I am Akshay ,founder of Oceans and Drops. My age is 24 and I am a computer science engineer.This website is my initiative to share my knowledge on Yoga Spirituality and health.

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