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Understanding Meditation

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Understanding Meditation

When we talk about meditation we have plethora of books , articles ,videos on it.I too have read many such books to understand meditation.Every book or person that I came across taught me how to meditate i.e sit or lie in a quiet place or room,close  eyes, observe your breath or gaze at the space between the eyebrows or chant any mantra or just keep your mind empty.None of them clearly knew why we have to meditate like this.I have seen that many people that are drawn to this pious path of meditation are also told something like that and they accept meditation as process of sitting in seclusion, eyes closed for around 10 -30 minutes, that’s all meditation is done.Is this meditation?

No its absolutely not.just answer me few questions

1-Why some people reach a good state in meditation comparatively faster than other people?

2-Why some people are able to get into deep meditation within couple of minutes?

3-Why some people are also able to meditate while walking or doing daily stuff?

If you don’t understand what is meditation how can you really meditate .Wouldn’t your mind be restless , if you practice without understanding the fundamental concept behind meditation.And how can meditation be done with such a restless mind.Your mind will continuously keep on questioning you all the time during your meditation.

Why I am doing this?

Why I am in seclusion?

Why I have closed my eyes ?

Without proper understanding of meditation it will be more difficult to control the mind and practice meditation.Seekers if you do not know what is the difference between meditation and concentration how can you really meditate.So basically my point is that you should first understand what is meditation,why it is done,what’s  purpose of meditation.If you will understand the concept behind meditation.I am sure that from the next time you will meditate you will find it comparatively easy and your faith over meditation will also strengthen. So now read and understand carefully.My brother or sister from childhood we know our self as our physical body.this body has a associated name,gender,age,nationality,religion, address etc.These all forms our identity.These things get decided when we are born and goes away when death happens.So, is this who we are really i.e just a bunch of name , address,nationality,religion,gender etc . These all things makes our temporal identity.Plants, animals and all the other living beings doesn’t possess the ability of rational thinking.It is endowed only to the humans . So, if we don’t know exactly who we are actually then we are just living a dream with open eyes.When these thoughts starts emanating in our minds some urge starts developing inside us which want us to explore our real identity.This is the beginning of spirituality… my friends.When a person eventually realize his real identity, he is said enlightened.As I already told you everybody in this universe is living with a fake identity. So we cannot procure truth or self realization from this outer world because everything out there is mortal,… having temporary identity… and no realization of their self.So its clear that outer world possess no truth .

Now if outer world possess no truth then its time to seek truth in the inner world i.e within us.Now we know that whatever we are seeing from our eyes is not truth also whatever we are hearing will not realize us of our true identity.So now think  why should we hear all those worldly sound and why should we seek anything from the outside world to procure realization.Instead we should find a quiet secluded place or room where this illusionary world cannot distract us.Now why to even move when nothing in the illusionary world can make us seek self realization .So just sit or lie down.Moreover, since we want to find out the truth and as there is no truth in illusions so why to even open our eyes because everything outside is temporal. So close your eyes.What about the mind it is still absorbed in the worldly thoughts.Our mind keeps on picking up new thoughts without scotching.So even if we are in a quiet secluded place or room away from world our mind is still roaming in the outside world.So try to concentrate on any mantra or your breath or gaze at the space between the eye brows . In doing so your mind will abandon all other worldly thought and will have only one thought that is of either breath or mantra or third eye area etc.Now just think you are sitting or lying in a quiet secluded place,eyes closed,mind under control.You are actually in a state or process where you are trying to become conscious of yourself i.e of who u really are.Because u r not concerned of outer world and this body too forms part of outer world.So if you are loosing conscious of your body,.then of what substance you are gradually becoming conscious of?

 People ,religion,spirituality calls it soul or ‘Atma’.This process or state is called meditation.When you even loose consciousness of breath or mantra etc i.e you have no thought left in your mind.That is the supreme stage of meditation i.e Samadhi .So by meditation actually we are trying to control this wandering mind. That’s why meditation also gives worldly benefits like improvement in memory, concentration etc.So to conclude meditation is the greatest tool of spirituality.Meditation is the key to unlock yourself.

Hello I am Akshay ,founder of Oceans and Drops. My age is 24 and I am a computer science engineer.This website is my initiative to share my knowledge on Yoga Spirituality and health.

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