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Rudraksha – Origin , Types And Health Benefits

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Origin And Glory Of Rudraksha

The origin of rudraksha comes from Hindu mythology.”Rudraraksha” is a sanskrit word which means tears of Rurda.Rudraksha is said to be the incarnation of lord Shiva or a divine form of Lord Shiva. There are so many legends that tells the origin of rudrakshaya.According to Devi Bhagwat purana once all deities prayed to lord Shiva who was meditating from thousands of years, to protect them from the Asura Tripurasura.When lord Shiva opened his eyes tears came out of his eyes which fell on the earth giving birth to the rudraksha plant. According to another legend once lord Shiva meditated for thousands of years for the welfare of mankind when he opened his eyes tears came out from his eyes and fell on the earth giving birth to rudraksha tree.It is said that Lord Shiva is always present along with all other gods in the holy rudraksha. Rudrakshas are very dear to lord Shiva.He is always portrayed in meditation wearing rudraksha . It is said that no evil spirit or evil spells can harm a person who wears a rudrashaya and apart from this he/she receives endless blessings from lord Shiva. Scientifically rudraksha possesses electromagnetic properties.Spiritually it is highly preferred for higher meditation,mantra sadna, chakra opening,tantra etc.Rudraksha mala is the only mala which is preferred for chanting any mantra. Rudraksha mala is highly recommended for chanting mantra of lord Shiva.Rudraksha are also used for curing various diseases . Wearing rudraksha purifies the aura and attracts divine energies whcih helps in spiritual advancements along with other benefits like improving health,prosperity,memory and success.It can be wore by anyone irrespective of religion, nation,caste etc.Although one can begin wearing rudraksha from any time and any day still the recommended days for wearing
are Mondays,Shivratri,Shravan month,eclipses,full moon night,no moon nght,Sankranti apart from this wearing rudraksha during Ardhara nakshtra, which comes once every month is very fruitful.Rudraksha should be wore after worshiping lord Shiva in the morning. Rudraksha is dipped in ganga water or raw milk for the whole of previous night . The Shiva panchakshara should be chanted wirth rudraksha mala for faster results.Every rudraksha has a fine vertical line on it which is called face of rudraksha.Rudraksha is categorized into 14 types ,according to the no. of faces in rudraksha.Some even claim that there are total of 21 faced rudrakshas available. Although every rudraksha represents lord Shiva still every rudrasha has some specific Hindu god and goddess associated with it and apart from this each rudraksha helps in curing specific diseases.

Different Kinds Of Rudraksha

Every rudraksha has some vertical lines present on it .These lines are called faces of rudraksha. According to the observed no. of lines or faces on rudraksha, it can be classified into 14 types.

1 Faced Rudraksha:
This rudraksha is said to be the most auspicious and highest of all rudrakshas. This rudraksha is very rarely found. It is believed that it is obtained by the the blessing of lord Shiva and anyone who gets it is believed to be very lucky.It is said that 1 faced rudraksha is purely lord Shiva. The person who possess this rudraksha can advance in meditation very fast. Such person finds success in every field and their all wishes are fulfilled. There are two kinds of 1 faced rudraksha one is round shaped which I was talking about in the above lines and another one is cashew shaped rudraksha which are available easily as compared to the round 1 face rudraksha.The best 1 faced round rudraksha comes from Nepal,Java and Indonesia.Anyone who obtains 1 faced round rudraksha of Nepal is believed to be very lucky. Cashew shaped 1 face rudraksha mainly comes from Sri Lanka.Cashew shaped 1 faced rudraksha are formed when the rudraksha fails to develop completely to round shape rudraksha.It is associated with Sahasrara and Ajna Chakra. Health wise round 1 faced rudraksha is best for curing any disease while cashew shaped is best for curing migraines , mental problems,weak eyesight,adverse effect of Sun.

2 Faced Rudraksha:
It represents god Ardhanarishwar. Wearing this rudraksha helps in gaining wealth, good concentration,mental peace and brings peace in the family. The best 2 faced rudraksha comes from Nepal but it is very rare to get a 2 faced rudraksha of Nepal.This rudraksha should be wore by worshiping both lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.

3 Faced Rudraksha:
It represents fire god and trinity gods i.e lord Rudra,lord Vishnu and lord Bhramha.It helps in curing eye sight,brings peace and unity in the family,cures stomach ailments and for gaining higher education.

4 Faced Rudraksha:
It represents lord Bhramha. Lord Bhramha represents knowledge so wearing this rudraksha is very beneficial for students. Apart from this it improves concentration, memory,eyesight and cures skin diseases etc.

5 Faced Rudraksha:
It represents Kalagni.It is most easily available in the market at very cheap price.It also represents 5 faces of lord Shiva. As it helps to get success in all the fields of life so it is largely preferred by all people for wearing.

6 Faced Rudraksha:
It represents lord Kartikeya.Wearer gains strength,courage,leadership quality, cures B.P,TB,heart diseases,asthama etc.Wearer receives blessings from goddess Parvati . Apart from this it also helps in improving memory so it is highly recommended to students .

7 Faced Rudraraksha:
It represents goddess Laxmi. Those who want to gain weatlh,increase profits,buisness should wear this rudraksha.It is said that even a beggar can become a king if he/she wear a 7 faced rudraksha.

8 Faced Rudraksha:
It represents lord Ganesha.Devotees of lord Ganesha should wear this rudraksha to please him.Wearing this rudraksha removes all obstractles, brings wealth and fame. It removes bad effects caused by evil spirits , spells and Rahu.

9 Faced Rudraksha:
It represents godess Shakti.Devotee of godess Durga or Shakti shoul wear this rudraksha. It removes bad effects caused by Ketu.Wearer receives endless blessings of lord Shiva.

10 Faced Rudraksha:
It represents lord Vishnu. Devotees of lord Vishnu,Ram,Krishna should wear this rudraksha to please him. Wearing this rudraksha protects from evil spirits,accidents, loss and creates a protective environment in the house.

11 Faced Rudraksha:
It represents lord Hanuman and lord Rudra.Wearing this rudraksha pleases lord Hanuman,keeps away evil spirits, fear,improves memory,concentration,strength etc. It brings health and fame to the wearer.It should also be wore by the couple who are not able to have any child.11 faced rudraksha is believed equivalent to 1 faced Rudraksha.

12 Faced Rudraksha:
It represents Lord Sun.It removes all the bad effects caused by Sun.It helps to improve business,gives glow to the face,cures diabetes,stomach and liver ailments.

13 Faced Rudraksha:
It representa lord Indra and lord Kamdeva.Wearer of this rudraksha enjoys all the worldly pleasures and considered equivalent to a King.

14 Faced Rudraksha:
It represents lord Hanuman. It is a very rare rudraksha.It is obtained only by luck. It is said that lord Hanuman remains very close to the wearer and protects him from bad happenings.Apart from this it bestows good health and fame.


Rudraksha For Various Chakras

Kundalini Chakra
Presiding God
1.Mooladhara Chakra
Lord Ganesha
8 Faced Rudraksha
2. Swadhisthan Chakra
Lord Vishnu
10 Faced Rudraksha
3.Manipura Chakra
Lord Rudra
11 Faced Rudraksha
4.Anahata Chakra
Any Rudraksha
5.Vishuddha Chakra
Lord SadaShiva
Any Rudraksha
6.Ajna Chakra
Lord Shiva,Lord Ardhanarishwar
2,1,11 faced Rudraksha
7.Sahasrara Chakra
Lord Shiva
1,11 or any Rudraksha

Tests To Check The Originality Of Rudraksha:

To meet the ever increasing high demand of rudraksha people are creating fake rudrasha with wood.These rudraksha looks exactly identical to original rudraksha in apperance. Due to abundant availability of 5 faced rudraksha and its low price it is 99% found original in the market whereas all the other rudrasha are not guranteed to be orignal so I am here giving the popular tests to check the originality of rudraksha.Don’t gets satisfied when rudraksha passes one test and buy it rather check if it pass almost all of the described tests before buying.

1. Water Test:
This test only test if the rudraksha is raw or ripened.Raw rudraksha is never preferred for wearing purposes.When a rudrasha is put in water ,if it floats it is raw rudraksha alternatively if it sinks it is ripened and can be used for wearing.

2.Clarified Butter (Ghee) Test:
A fake rudraksha gets burned when put in hot boiling clarified butter whereas original rudraksha never gets burned.

3.Temperature Test:
This is a very popular test to check the originality of rudraksha.In this test a rudraksha is put in a container full of water.Leave it as it is for 30min-40min and then check the temperature of water. It the temperature increases by 1-2 degrees it is orginal rudraksha otherwise it is fake one.

4.Copper Coin Test:
This test uses the electromagnetic property of rudraksha to test its originality. To perform this test place a rudraksha on a copper coin and then bring another copper coin near it from top. If it starts rotating it is original rudraksha otherwise it’s a fake rudraksha.Prefer wearing only that rudraksha that rotates clockwise.

5.Milk Test
It is a must do test as it clearly separates out original and fake rudraksha.Place a rudraksha in a container containing milk.Check the milk after 2-3 days if the milk doesn’t gets spoiled then it is an original piece otherwise it’s fake.

Piece Of Advice:

1. It is recommended to wear rudraksha after worshiping lord Shiva.

2. Never wear rudraksha while having sex.

3. Avoid wearing rudraksha while sleeping because your movements while sleeping can break its sharp edges or hurt your chest.

4. Don’t wear rudraksha while going in a funeral ,where a new baby has born and where someone has recently died.

5. Never wear rudraksha as ring in the finger instead make a gold or silver locket or simply make a hole from one of its end to the other end vertically and use a black thread to pass from the holes and wear it.

6. Oil your rudraksha with mustard oil or olive oil after every 6 months to keep it strong,shining and perfumed.

7.When at times you are not wearing your rudraksha then place it in a clean place or maybe a holy place.

8. Don’t allow others to touch your rudraksha or even let them see your rudraksha.

9.Dont use same rudraksha mala for wearing as well as mantra chanting i.e buy separate for both purposes.

10. Sometimes rudraksha shows results immediately someimes it can even take upto 2 months so keep your patience and don’t loose your trust over your rudraksha.

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