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Shravan-The Month Of Shiva

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Shravan Month And Lord Shiva

Shravan maas or month starts from late July and stays till third week of August. It is the fifth month in Hindu Calender. The Sun moves into Leo with the beginning of Shravana month. Shravana month is considered a very auspicious month in Hinduism.Many of the major Hindu festival falls in Shravana month like Raksha Bandhan,Krishna Janmashtami, Naga Panchami. During Shravan month the star Sharavana rules the sky so the month is called Shravana Maas or Month.This month is regarded highly auspicious for the worship of Lord Shiva. There is very famous mythological legend that happened in the Shrava month.

Once King Bali attacked Swarga(heaven) and took the nectar of immortality . All the deities including Indra followed and struggled with Bali to get it back. While struggling the nector accidentally fell in the ocean. To get the nectar back from the ocean the gods decided to perform the churning of the ocean. When the churning of the ocean was performed various divine things came out along with the nectar which were distributed between the Devtas and Asuras except the deadly poison “Halahal” which also came out from the ocean.This deadly poison halahal was so powerful that is was destroying everything that was coming in its way. To save the universe from the poison lord Shiva drank all the poison and stored it in his throat which turned his throat blue( Neelkanth) .It is also said that Lord Shiva reunited with goddess Parvati in this month.

The month of Shravan is said to be the favorite of Lord Shiva. The shivratri of shravan month is considered highly auspicious for worshiping lord Shiva. It is said that during this month lord Shiva remains very close to the earth and his devotees. Any girl who takes fast on all the Mondays of Shravan month gets a good husband. It is said that pleasing Shiva is very easy ,one can receive his blessings by merely offering water and bilva leaves to him so utilize this auspicious month for worshiping lord Shiva with full faith and love.

Method Of Worshiping Lord Shiva

1. The favorite day of lord Shiva is Monday. So the Mondays of Shravana month are regarded very auspicious for worshiping lord Shiva. One should take fast, offer Bilva leaves,bath the Shiva linga with raw milk,honey,pure water,yogurt and ghee in the Mondays of Shravan month.


2. Moreover offering bilva leaves by writing Ram on them to Shiva linga pleases lord Shiva a lot .Make sure that the bilva leaves used for offering should not be having any holes,spider web or are torn. Recite bilvastakam stotra while offering the leaves to lord Shiva. Bilva leaves stays good for atleast 6 months so the devotee can keep the offered bilva leaves with him as lord Shiva prasad or blessing.

3. Offer rice ,til(sesame seed) to Shiva Ling. Offering mandar flower ,dhatura , white lotus flower, white kanher, chameli flower, nagchampa flower, jasmine flower to Shiva linga pleases him a lot.

4. Reciting lord Shiva stotra like Shiva tandava stotra,Panchakshar stotra . Rudrashtakam,Ardhanarishwar stotra,Natraja stotra,Kalbairavastakam,Mahima Stotra lingastakam,Chandrashekhar astakam,Dwadasha jyoti linga stotra etc during Shravan month showers endless blessings of Lord Shiva over the devotee.If you cannot recite all the stotra recite some ot them according to your comfort.Apart from this reciting lord Shiva chalisa and arti is also recommended.

5. In Ardhara nakshatra lord Shiva first appeared in linga form. Worshiping Lord Shiva in the period of Ardhara nakshatra highly pleases lord Shiva. Ardhara nakshatra appears once every month so don’t miss the Ardhara nakshatra of Shravan month.

6. Although there are so many mantras of lord Shiva but Shiva panchakshar mantra ,pranava mantra and mahamritunjaya mantra are revered most auspicious of all lord Shiv mantras.Shiv panchakshar mantra is ” Namah Shivaya” but it is chanted with “OM” in the beginning . Womens are allowed to chant it without “OM”.This “OM” is called pranava mantra. It is source of all mantras. The mahamritunjaya mantra is” Om Trayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam Urva Rukamiva Bandhanaan Mrityor Mokshiye Maamritat”.Chanting these mantras in Shravan month pleases Lord Shiva.

Before chanting a mantra its pronunciation should be learned.According to Shiva mahapurana :

a.Shiv panchakshara mantra chanted for 1000 times everyday for 1000 days i,e 10,00000 along with offering food to bhramans can fulfill any wish.

b.Shiv panchakshara mantra when chanted for 5 crore times can grant the place of lord Shiv.

c. Shiv panchakshara mantra when chanted for 1 crore times can grant the place of lord Bhrama.

d.Shiv panchakshara mantra when chanted for 2 crore times can grant the place of lord Vishnu.

e.Shiv panchakshara mantra when chanted for 3 crore times can grant the place of lord Rudra.

7. According to Shiva mahapurana:
a.Shiva mahamrintunjaya mantra chanted for 1 lakh times purifies the body.

b.Shiva mahamrintunjaya mantra chanted for 2 lakh times can enlighten one of his previous births.

c.Shiva mahamrintunjaya mantra chanted for 3 lakh times can grant one all the materialistic pleasures.

d.Shiva mahamrintunjaya mantra when chanted 4 lakh times enables one to have Shiva darshan in their dream .

e.When Shiva mahamrintunjaya mantra is chanted for 5 lakh times, Lord Shiva himself appears in front of his devotee.

8. Shiv idol symbolizes his “sakaratmak roop” and should be worshipped with panchakshara mantra whereas Shiv linga symbolizes his” bhramh roop” and should be worshipped with the pranav mantra.

9. Shiva mahapurana describes about the grand worship of lord Shiva which is regarded as highest of all his poojas. This pooja is done with 16 favourite things of lord Shiva . If this pooja is done in Shravana month and moreover on Shravana month Mondays, it can shower endless blessings of Lord Shiva over the devotee. These 16 things are:

“avahan,sana arghya , pagh , paghang aachman , abhyangpoorvak esnan , vastra and yajyopavitra , gandh , puspa , dhoop, deep, navedya, tambul samarpan , nirajan , namashkar , samarpan”

10. Bath the Shiva linga with Ganga water everyday in the morning.

11. The Mondays on which “krittika nakshatra” falls is great day to worship lord Shiva for gaining wealth.

12. The leaves of “Shami plant” are favorite of lord Shiva. It is said that offering one shami leave to Shiva linga is equivalent to offering crores of flowers to Lord Shiva.So worship Lord Shiva with shami leaves in Shravan month to please him.

13. Rudraksha beads are very dear to lord Shiva so wear a rudraksha mala during shravana month . It is recommended to use rudraksha mala for chanting Shiva mantras.

14. Lord Shiva without Shakti is incomplete. So worship Goddess Parvati as well everyday after worshiping Lord Shiva. Goddess Parvati mantra can be chanted using sphatik mala (Quartz mala). It is said that one who wears sphatik mala becomes favourite of lord Shiva.

15. It is said that lord Vishnu resides in the heart of lord Shiva and lord Shiva resides in the heart of lord Vishnu. So worship lord Vishnu or lord Rama as well in the Shravan month.

16. If possible daily read some chapters of Shivapurana in Shravan month.

Mantra Sadhna

Mantras are the special words or set of words written in Sanskrit having high spiritual powers hidden in them. By practicing the techniques discussed here one can awake the power of any mantra.

Piece Of Advice:

1. Use Rudraksha mala for chanting lord Shiva mantra and sphatic mala for chanting Goddess Parvati mantra.To know more about mantra sadhna visit my hub on Mantra Sadhna.

2. Maintain complete celibacy during days of fast.

3. Don’t use you japa mala for wearing purposes instead use a separate mala for wearing.

4. Cover the mala with cloth while chanting mantra or use a ‘ Goumukhi ‘ instead.

5. Never touch your index finger in the mala while chanting.

6. Don’t take alcohol , drugs and non-veg in this month specially if you are worshiping lord Shiva in this auspicious month.

7. Sun is said to be the right eye of lord Shiva and moon is said to be his left eye. So regularly offer water to sun in the morning in this month.

8. Apply ash of dhoop (vibhuti) in your forehead while worshiping lord Shiva.

9. If possible even avoid eating onion and garlic in this month.

10. It is recommended to worship daily in early morning and just after sunset at fixed time .


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